3 Key Election States Just Smacked Trump with a Somber Warning

New polling information has been released, and it turns out that majorities in three key states that helped Donald Trump clench the presidency now feel “embarrassed” by his conduct since taking office.

New NBC News/Marist polls released Sunday show that nearly two-thirds of registered voters in Pennsylvania (63 percent), as well as Wisconsin and Michigan (both 64 percent) said they are “embarrassed” by Trump’s conduct as President, as opposed to about a quarter of registered voters in those particular states said they are “proud” of Trump’s conduct as President.

President Trump’s job approval ratings in those states are slightly better than in states he lost, but the polling data still indicates that most disapprove of his performance.

In Michigan, 36 percent of registered voters said they approve of Trump’s job performance and 55 percent disapprove. In Pennsylvania 35 percent approve and 54 percent disapprove, and in Wisconsin 34 percent approve and 56 percent disapprove.

In all three states, the percentage of registered voters who have a favorable impression of former President Obama was in the low 60s, and his unfavorabililty was in the low-to mid-30s.
In Michigan and Pennsylvania, respondents also said they hoped Democrats would win back Congress by a 10+ percent.

All of this is very good news for Democrat

The Gallup Presidential Job Approval Rating daily tracking poll shows Trump clinging to 35 percent approval. Compare this to presidential historical average of 53 percent approval, which happens to have been the exact approval rating that Obama enjoyed during the month of August of his first year in office.

It seems we’re at a sticking point in the 30s with Trump. Whether he’s had a relatively not-terrible week versus a completely terrible week — he’s lingering in the mid to upper 30s.

Not only does Gallup’s daily tracking poll show Trump’s abysmal 35 percent approval rating, it also shows a staggering 59 percent disapproval. Within the 3 point margin of error, and taking into account the 6 percent who neither approve nor disapprove, it will be interesting to see what rank-and-file Republicans are going to do once they finally learn there is no fluke, there is no “fake news” or “fake polling.” There is simply a deeply unpopular president.

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