After Donald Trump’s Latest Traitorous Act, U.S. Intelligence Chiefs Unite with a Yuge Slap in Trump’s Face

Issues regarding Donald Trump and Russia continue to hit the news each day. Most recently, Trump has come under scrutiny for his recent interaction with Vladimir Putin while at the Asia-Pacific Economic Summit.

During the visit between President Trump and Putin, allegations of Russian meddling into the 2016 U.S. Presidential election were again brought up. The same answer was given by Putin as always – Russia had no hand in interfering with the election.

The sad part of this whole story is that Trump is playing along with Putin as if he indeed had no part interfering with the election..

This weekend, CNN interviewed James Clapper and John Brennan in regards to Putin, Russia, Trump, and the 2016 election. Both Clapper & Brennan were very forthcoming in their opinions on the situation and the current leadership of the United States.

James Clapper said in his interview with CNN, “The threat posed by Russia,…, is manifest and obvious. To try to paint it in any other way is, I think, astounding, and in fact, poses a peril to this country.” And, according to Brennan, President Trump is a serious liability to the United States, “[Trump]can be played by foreign leaders who are going to appeal to his ego and to try to play upon his insecurities.

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There is no doubt about it, Donald Trump is pro-Putin. He established a relationship with the leader of Russia prior to winning the White House. The two leaders have been tied to one another since Trump’s win. Clapper and Brennan have to be right. Trump is indeed a threat to our national security due to his relationship with Russia (and many other reasons too).

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Russia will no doubt try to play Trump over the coming weeks, months, and years. They will try and succeed in stealing American secrets, they will infiltrate our government, and they will become the world’s foremost economic and military superpower.

The United States will be left behind, fighting for second place, it’s citizens struggling. Why? Simply because Trump is a bad judge of character and a horrible politician. Americans are going to have to admit a mistake has been made and do their best to correct things, but waiting 3 more years may be too long.

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