After Trump Publicly Called Out NBC, His Own Federal Communications Commission Responded with a Rebuke

President Trump’s assault on the long sacrosanct Fourth Estate began in earnest and has been forwarded by his administration, particularly those in communications roles.

From Spicer’s banning of cameras back in 2017 to the banning of any sort of recording devices in certain areas of the Senate — officially created by the Republican-led Senate Rules Committee, to Trump and ostensibly his entire staff decrying all critical coverage “fake news,” our free press has never been so endangered.

Fox News — and Fox & Friends in particular — emerged as the de facto media outlet for our White House.

Trump has now appeared to be toying with his own media narrative in the manner of his pal Putin with a video in which Kaylaigh McEnany is posed in front of a blue screen which reads “DonaldJTrump.com” excitedly informing the audience of various Trump administration accomplishments.

[This was briefly known as Trump TV.]

The president then offered the idea that “NBC and the Networks” ought to have their “License” challenged.

She kindly attached a link so that Trump may have a literate person explain to him how the FCC works.

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