Another black mark on the record of Matt Lauer: He failed to call out Trump for two massive lies

On top of being a sexual predator, it turns out Matt Lauer missed an opportunity to call President Donald Trump out on a YUGE lie.

During  a Commander-in-Chief Forum last fall, President Trump told Lauer that he had always been against the war in Iraq, even though Hillary Clinton had said otherwise.

The reason Hillary Clinton had said otherwise is because it is a well-documented fact that President Trump long supported the Iraq war.  During the congressional debate to use military force in  Iraq in 2002 and the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Trump supported the invasion.  Howard Stern asked Trump during an interview in 2002 if he was in favor of invading Iraq.  Trump replied, “Yeah, I guess so. I wish the first time it was done correctly.”

Another lie Lauer could have exposed during the Forum was Trump’s feelings about Libya.  During that same interview, Trump stated that Clinton “made a terrible mistake on Libya.”  Yet, Trump supported military action in Libya, even though he now claims it was a mistake.  There is even video evidence of Trump’s support, and it can be watched here.

These two massive lies are part of the core of President Trump’s message.  People still believe these lies, in part, because Matt Lauer allowed Trump to get away with saying them.  A journalist’s job is to find the truth, and Lauer just let Trump lie to him and the American public.  Lauer had a wonderful opportunity to prove to the country that Donald Trump was a liar, and he let it slip away.

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