Basically the Entire FBI Now Says Trump Is a Filthy Liar

It’s been a week, hasn’t it?

It looks like President Trump has made one of the gravest miscalculations of his career in firing FBI Director, James Comey. His firing is extraordinarily controversial because Comey was currently investigating the connection between the Trump campaign/administration and Russia. As recently as two weeks before, Comey had requested additional resources in an attempt to expand the investigation.

And while Trump may tell NBC’s Lester Holt that he’s “fighting for his legitimacy,” the truth is this fight exists because he is a constant liar.

During that interview Trump claimed that a dinner meeting he had with Comey had been requested by Comey. But according to NBC News, both current and former FBI officials said that Trump was lying when he suggested such a thing, and that the White House had requested the meeting.

“The president is not correct,” the former official said. “The White House called him out of the blue. Comey didn’t want to do it. He didn’t even want the rank and file at the FBI to know about it.”

And regarding Trump’s claim that Comey shared with him that he was not directly under FBI investigation, well, they also say that was a big fat lie. NBC says their sources make it clear that “Comey would never have told the president he was not under investigation.”

“He tried to stay away from it [the Russian-ties investigation],” said the former official, who worked closely with Comey and keeps in touch with him. “He would say, ‘look sir, I really can’t get into it, and you don’t want me to.'”

NBC goes on:

Several sources close to Comey say they heard from him shortly after the dinner that he was asked to come to the White House and did so reluctantly without even telling people at the FBI about it. They confirm a New York Times account, recalling that Comey told them that during the dinner, Trump asked him a couple of times if he would be loyal to the president and that Comey said he couldn’t promise that — but that he could promise that he would always be honest.

A former official said, “That is exactly how I would expect the director to answer.”

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