Billy Bush Finally Stands Up to Lying Donald Trump: ‘Stop Messing with People’s Lives’

Last week the authenticity of a tape containing lewd comments, by Donald Trump regarding women, came back into the limelight.

President Trump was recorded making inappropriate comments as Access Hollywood prepared to tape a segment with television soap star Arianne Zucker and the President. Billy Bush was on the bus with Trump when the comments were made in a conversation between the two.

The event in question took place in 2004. Then reality television star Trump was participating in an event as representative of “The Apprentice”. However, Trump and his White House staff have questioned the validity of the tape stating that the voice was not Trump’s (since only audio is available, not video of the conversation). This denial of the comments comes months after Trump made public apology for the comments. The comments included his now infamous “…grab them by the p***y…” statement.

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Why would Trump choose now to deny the claims of his comments?

Most likely in an attempt to head off any further investigation of sexual misconduct or inappropriate comments toward women by Trump. This follows a flurry of allegations against many top lawmakers, celebrities, and men in positions of power throughout the country.

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Recently, Billy Bush was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, when he was asked about the incident involving Trump. The now-president originally dismissed the comments as “locker room banter” – comments not meant to be made public or recorded – this prior to his recent denial of the incident as a whole.

Billy Bush took a firm stance on the issue. He confirmed that Trump was indeed on the bus and the tape was valid, including the comments he made. Bush admits that he clearly remembers Trump making the comments. Bush also stated that Trump should “stop messing with people’s lives“. In Bush’s opinion, Trump should admit to the comments and accept the fallout.

Trump’s newest reality show – his daily attempts at being President continues to provide great entertainment, although at the expense of the United States and it’s citizens. Eventually, all of these mistakes, tweets, comments, and actions are going to catch up with the Don. How much more will America tolerate from their fearless leader?

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