Buckle up, folks. After Mueller Gets Handed the Smoking Gun, 2018 Looks Like Impeachment Year

Can you feel it? It’s the Blue Wave we’re all riding into this year’s mid-term elections.

It’s powerful. And it’s gaining speed. That just became more clear.

As the investigation into President Donald Trump’s potential ties with Russia continues, sources say Special Counsel Robert Mueller is closely scrutinizing the possibility that he could charge The Donald with obstruction of justice.

ABC recently reported that Mueller’s team requested a large number of documents from the Justice Department.  Prominent among the documents requested were the emails concerning Trump’s firing of James Comey, former FBI Director, in May.  Those emails, along with the testimonies of those closest to Trump, could provide the proof needed to show obstruction of justice.


As previously reported, Mueller’s investigation has moved to staff members closest to the president.  Those who were involved in the firing of Comey include White House Communications Director Hope Hicks and White House Counsel Donald McGahn.

Ms. Hicks was in the Oval Office while President Trump discussed his reasons for firing Comey, which were given in the first draft of a letter.  That draft was written by Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller, who has already been interviewed.

Mr. McGahn was also present, and after hearing the contents of the letter, requested that it be revised because he “believed that its angry, meandering tone was problematic”, according to the New York Times.

Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein ultimately revised and submitted the letter, which reduced the reasons for Comey’s firing to his mishandling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton and her private email servers.

Multiple articles of impeachment have been introduced by Democrats citing obstruction of justice by President Trump.  If the original emails concerning the firing of Comey show that Trump’s real reasons for firing him are because of his investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia, they could be exactly the proof needed to rid ourselves of the worst president our country has ever had.

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