Chelsea Clinton Tweets Brilliant Response to Trump’s Glaring Ignorance

This past Saturday, President Trump held a campaign-like rally in Florida, where oodles of Trump supporters showed up to laud him in the manner he had hoped more Americans would. I suppose his ego needed a bit of stroking after what could be argued to be the most terrible first month in presidential history.

In that rally, Trump spoke of a terror incident that happened “last night in Sweden.”

“We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this?”

Well, this left an entire nation wondering, “what the hell is this crazy man talking about?” Because, you guessed it, there was no terror attack in Sweden on Friday. In face, the response from Swedish officials was rather comical.

Here’s a tweet from former Swedish Prime Minister, Carl Bildt:

Trump tried to offer some clarification, but it didn’t really help his cause.

NBC News explains the problem with Trump’s tweet – and his logic:

“Trump took to his Twitter account Sunday evening to explain that he was referring to a Tucker Carlson segment that appeared on Fox News Friday. In the segment, Carlson interviewed right-wing filmmaker Ami Horowitz, who had recently made a documentary about Sweden’s refugee policy. The segment did not contain breaking news.”

NBC goes on to report that the Swedish Embassy still wasn’t clear about whether Trump’s tweet was the official response to questions it raised about his accusation, “We have asked State Department if President Trump’s tweet is their official answer to our question earlier today. We are still awaiting an answer on that.”

But perhaps the most brilliant Tweet came from our own Chelsea Clinton. Her response was witty and timely, and pointed out that the entire Trump administration seems to have a problem with facts, and undoubtedly, credibility.

Ah, Chelsea…keep ’em coming…

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