CNN anchor completely shreds Breitbart editor after he abhorrently defends Roy Moore

In Washington D. C. , the unbelievable gets more ludicrous every day. On Monday Joel Pollak, of Breitbart News, was interviewed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo. The two engaged in a lively debate over Republican Senate hopeful Roy Moore.

Moore has been involved in several allegations of pursuing sexual relationships with teenage girls when he was in his thirties.

Cuomo and Pollak sparred back and forth regarding the recent claims regarding Moore’s attempted past trysts. During the CNN interview Pollak apparently became delusional…he compared Roy Moore’s sexual interactions with underage girls to Ringo Starr’s song “You’re Sixteen”. What? Yes…he really did.

I am not sure what type or strength of crazy pills Mr. Pollak was taking on Monday, but from what I can surmise they were potent and there must have been a lot of them.

How in the world Pollak felt that a song could be compared to, and held to the same standard as, the actions of Roy Moore – I do not know. At least Chris Cuomo called Pollak out on the matter.

Cuomo even pointed out that as a parent, Pollak knew better than to make such comments – and that his support of Roy Moore was simply ridiculous. Pollak didn’t quite fire back, but did continue to support Moore and the GOP. Remember, Pollak is representing Breitbart News and it’s position on Roy Moore. Moore has Breitbart’s support.

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Pollak (and Breitbart) went on to defend Moore during the CNN interview. The main argument – that two of the females who have accused Roy Moore of inappropriate sexual conduct should NOT be considered as children. These girls were aged 16 & 18 –  and in Alabama 16 years of age is the age of consent.

According to Maxwell Tani of Business Insider, Earlier this month, the Breitbart News editor said The Washington Post should not have published several accounts of Moore’s relationships with some older girls because 16-year-olds could legally consent in Alabama. ‘The 16-year-old and the 18-year-old have no business in that story because those are women of legal age of consent,’ Pollak said.”

Therefore, Breitbart (& Pollak) sees no problem with the actions of Moore as he has been accused. Breitbart represents the views of the far right, and the majority of view of the Trump White House. Disturbing to say the least.


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