CNN to Trump: ‘Hell No’ – We Won’t Air Your Dirty Campaign Ad with Proven Fake News

Not only did CNN chose not to air a Trump ad touting his first 100 days, but it was so full of lies that they actually had to fact check it.

In a statement released Tuesday, CNN had the following to say about a television advertisement they refused to air:

“CNN requested that the advertiser remove the graphic that says the mainstream media is ‘fake news.’ The mainstream media is not fake news, and therefore the ad is. Per our policy it will be accepted only if the graphic is deleted. Those are the facts.”

Clear enough. But they went further in actually fact-checking the advertisement.

  1. The ad’s first claim that a “respected supreme-court justice” was confirmed. CNN gives that one a “True.”
  2. The ad claims that over 500,000 jobs have been created since he was inaugurated. CNN’s take? “False.” Trump was counting jobs created before he was inaugurated.
  3. The ad claims that “America is becoming more energy independent,” while highlighting the Keystone pipeline.  CNN says that is “Misleading.” “While the U.S. is moving toward energy independence, the Keystone pipeline is not a contributing factor.”
  4. The ad claims that regulations that kill American jobs have been eliminated. CNN says “Misleading,” noting that “automakers wanted the debate on vehicle fuel-efficiency standards reopened, but none claimed this Obama-era mandate cost any jobs.”
  5. The ad also touts the “biggest tax-cut plan in history.” CNN makes sure to point out this is “Misleading,” saying that the administrations calculations and formulas are, and until they release those details there is no way to verify this information.

We say WAY TO GO CNN for standing up to this lying hypocrite of a con-man! 

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