CNN’s Anderson Cooper Is Completely Finished with Donald Trump; Slaps the President Back for Childish Insults

To say that President Donald Trump isn’t a fan of CNN would be an understatement.  It would probably be more accurate to say that Trump despises CNN with the fire of a thousand suns.  Of course, this is because CNN reports facts, and often times, those facts don’t make Trump look all that great.

But Trump’s most recent Twitter attack against the news network has brought about a massive response from those working for CNN.  Trump claimed, in a tweet, that CNN’s job is to represent America to other countries, and that CNN performs that job poorly because they are “fake news” and they don’t show the world the truth.

CNN fired back via Twitter that it is actually President Trump’s job to represent the USA internationally, and that CNN just reports the facts of Trump’s representation.

The rebuke against Trump went further than a simple tweet.  Anderson Cooper, on Monday, said about Trump, “His assault against a free press, a free press that stands up to him, will not stop us or any other legitimate news organization”, going on to say that the journalists at CNN “can handle criticism, but we’ll damn sure call it out when it’s a lie.”

One of CNN’s senior international correspondents, Clarissa Ward, highlighted the dangers of Trump’s so-called criticism of journalists.  Western journalists could already be facing foreign people who are hostile to them, and every time Trump disparages the journalists, “It sends a message very clearly that even our own president is volubly and publicly disparaging us. It’s open season on journalists.”

Perhaps if Trump doesn’t like the way he is represented in the factual media, he should stop being such a raging abomination to our country and a disgrace to the office which he holds.

Facts are facts, and as long as Trump continues on his path of ignorance and divisiveness, those facts are going to be ugly.

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