Condoleeza Rice, Widely-Respected Republican/Former Secretary of State, Broke Her Silence on Donald Trump; Called Out the Trump Presidency as One of America’s “Darkest Chapters”

Every time another Republican voice of reason speaks up and out against Donald Trump it further seems to solidify his legacy as one of foolishness and ignorance, and reminds us we are in one of the darkest chapters in the history of the United States.

Condoleeza Rice – the Secretary of State for President George W. Bush – proved herself to be a valuable, intelligent figure.

She stood out from the typical Republican BS by being an independent thinker and offering advice that was based on intelligence and rooted in conviction; she rarely stepped into the realm of partisan politics.

Because of these reasons, when Condoleeza Rice speaks, people listen.

In a recent interview with Politico’s The Global Politico, Rice made it clear her true feelings about Trump.

Words do matter.

I hope that we will say even more that the world is a dark place when the United States of America is not involved.

It’s a dark place when we don’t stand up for those who just want to have the same basic values that we have.

Rice’s statement comes on the heals of a newly-released book, Democracy: Stories From the Long Road to Freedom. 

And while she has never been a Trump fan (she called for him to exit the presidential race following the now infamous Access Hollywood tape release), she takes things a bit further now by criticizing Trump’s entire world view as a threat to democracy.

And as far Trump becoming buddy-buddy with some of the world’s most troubling dictators, Rice had the following to offer:

We just need to remember the history here. We need to remember that we took a risk that a democratic Germany was never going to invade its neighbors again and it didn’t.

We took a risk that a democratic Japan was going to be a peaceful part of Asia, and it is. And so remembering that in the long run, we are always better served by countries that share our values is extremely important, even if one day you’re having to sit across from Muammar Qaddafi, as I had to do as secretary of state.

We are safest, most secure and most prosperous when our values and our interests are inextricably linked.

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