Distinguished Utah Law Professor Explains How Trump Could Be Immediately Impeached

As millions of Americans Google phrases like “how to move to Canada” and “how to impeach Trump” following Tuesday nights’ horrifying election results, one legal expert has already laid out a 23 page plan on how easily congress could impeach the President-elect.

University of Utah Law Professor Christopher Lewis Peterson claims there are grounds for impeachment under Article II of the constitution for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

“Unlike his promised crimes yet to come, the illegal acts in Trump’s high pressure wealth seminars have already occurred. Indeed, a federal judge appointed under Article III of the U.S. Constitution has already determined that Trump’s alleged actions, if true, constitute fraud and racketeering.


Congress would be well within its legal rights under the Constitution to insist upon a President who is not a fraudster or a racketeer as defined in its own law.

Trump appears to have lied about his role in Trump University to students, he has throughout the election continued to misrepresent the cases that focus on his misrepresentations.”

According to one report:  “Currently, Trump is facing a $40 million civil suit from New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for the illegal business practices and fraud of Trump University. These cases are all ongoing, and will begin the Monday after Thanksgiving. Hopefully, this will be a small ray of hope in a completely disappointing election turnout.”

Trump is also scheduled to testify this December in a hearing in a case that alleges he had sex with a girl who was 13 at the time.

So, for those taking notes, that’s one trial for fraud and racketeering, and one hearing for statutory rape, all in the month between the November election and the January inauguration.

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