Donald Trump aides ‘should be on suicide watch’ 24/7

Things are bad for Donald Trump, his presidency, his administration, and his agenda. They’re really bad.

In fact, things are so bad, that Trump’s support among Republicans is taking a nose-dive.

A former spokesman for the hyper-conservative Senator Ted Cruz had some powerful words for the current state of the Trump Presidency recently while speaking to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. Rick Tyler served both as a spokesman and communications director for Cruz when he was campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination. He made it clear that Trump’s recent drop in poll numbers is staggering, and should serve as a severe warning for Team Trump.

“If I were a political consultant looking at the candidate with this kind of numbers, I’d have them on 24-hour suicide watch,” Tyler said to Scarborough. He added, “These numbers are not good. They don’t look recoverable.”

The numbers Tyler is referring to come from a new CNN poll that shows Republican support for Trump has dropped 14 points since Trump’s inauguration.

In the “strongly support” category, the number has dropped from a respectable 73% to a shocking 59%. Overall, across all party lines, Trump’s approval rating now stands at a miserable 38%, and nearly 2 in 3 Americans (59%) would describe Trump’s first few months in office as a failure.

The Independent dives a little bit deeper:

No previous US President has had such a low approval rating at this stage of their term in office.

The poll also revealed that people do not trust Mr Trump and his team to give honest information. Less than a quarter (24 per cent) of Americans say they trust all or most of what they are told by the White House, while 30 per cent say they trust “nothing at all” that comes from Mr Trump’s team. 


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