Donald Trump Caught in Lie about Charitable Contributions; Amounts at Least in the Millions of Dollars

The Trump National Golf Course in Los Angeles has often promoted the high level of charitable giving with which it has been involved. These claims of large amounts of charity have no doubt been exaggerated. National Public Radio took it upon themselves to investigate these glorious claims and were able to prove most of them incorrect.

The NPR “Embedded” podcast team was featured on Morning Edition on October 18th.

According to Tom Dreisbach of NPR, “…on their website, they claimed that they had given approximately $5 million to a variety of charitable causes, and they listed about 200 organizations that they said they had given money to. So we examined this list that was on the website. We cross-referenced that with a publicly available document that the Trump campaign had put out where they essentially just listed out all of their donations over the years, and that included some donations from the golf club. But when we looked at the golf club’s website, they included some organizations that weren’t on that document. So that got us to look a little bit closer.

We started contacting those organizations, emailing, making phone calls. And what we found very quickly is that a number of them – about 17 in total – said they had received no donations at all or at least had no record of such a donation. That included the California Department of Veterans Affairs. It included the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation, which supports children who have suffered severe burns. And then the donations we could verify were almost entirely in-kind donations for a round of golf or a gift certificate for a Sunday brunch for two. What we were able to account for is about $800,000 in donations – far short of that $5 million number.

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I don’t know how much more Trump’s administration can take. Every day it seems as though we get clarification on yet another piece of murky information – and it is never a clarification for the good of the President. Trump has gotten down and laid among the dogs of politics and society. Now he is suffering the repercussions of such actions. His hand is being called and the world is watching. President Trump and his team may not make it through December.


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