Elizabeth Warren Divulges Her Favorite Swear Word

Ok, so this might not be earth-shattering, life-changing political news. But it will bring a smile to your face in these days when smiles are often hard to come by.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-OK) has called Donald Trump a lot of things: “embarassing,” “weak,” “reckless”… But she just shared with America her most favorite of swear words. And it’s G-rated, so no worries here.

CBS News’s Chip Reid was interviewing Warren recently when he asked the senator, “Do you have a favorite curse word?”

Warren’s response – like her politics – was quick and decisive.

When Reid questions the severity of the word, Warren challenges him, “Are you kidding? Have you ever seen a woman like me look you straight in the face after you finish some long explanation of something, and then just said, “POOP.”? Try it.”

She admitted she had never used the word from the Senate floor, but said that that day could be coming…

Watch Warren’s hilarious explanation here, and be sure to share some good cheer today! Click Share!

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