Embattled Trump SCOTUS Appointee, Brett Kavanaugh, Attempted to Influence the Other Justices in order to Avoid Rulings on Trump’s Tax Returns and Abortion

A new report claims that US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh tried to get his fellow bench members to avoid rulings on critical cases including ones dealing with abortions and Trump’s tax returns.

This information, as reported by CNN and citing an anonymous source, says that Kavanaugh sent out memos surrounding the Louisiana abortion law case, suggesting that the judges try to sidestep any rulings that would close abortion clinics in that state.

If enacted, the law would have made it mandatory for doctors who perform abortions in Louisiana to get special privileges to practice the procedure and would have made abortions more expensive and difficult to access.

It would have also given anti-abortions activist easier means to identify and target those doctors.

Kavanaugh asked in the memos if the original trial judge who ruled on the issue had sufficient evidence that the law would close clinics.

Kavanaugh’s suggestion would have let the Court avoid issuing an opinion on the matter.

Similarly, Kavanaugh tried the same tactic regarding a Democratic subpoena that would uncover Trump’s tax returns.

Kavanaugh was apparently trying to avoid a public showdown between the Supreme Court and President Trump and suggested that the bench take into account the “political question” doctrine– meaning that certain issues, particularly partisan ones, be left out of the Courts and left up the parties themselves.

His stance, clearly, would leave the Supreme Court free and clear of having to issue tough decisions on key matters, thus avoiding conflict.

Ultimately Kavanaugh let the idea go and went on to support the majority ruling saying that should the House justify a request for Trump’s financial record, he would have to comply.

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