Everyone’s favorite anti-gay county clerk, Kim Davis, just shared some big news with America

Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples is seeking reelection. Back in 2015 she was ordered by a judge to issue the marriage licenses as requested in the county where she served, but refused to do do and spent five days in jail.

Her refusal, coupled with the judges orders to issue the marriage licenses caused several legal battles involving Ms. Davis. “The legal battles resulted in nearly $225,000 in court fees, The Kentucky Herald-Leader reported, which the state was forced to pay.

Ms. Davis actions caused Kentucky to review it’s standing on the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Accordingly, the state slightly changed it’s requirements for County Clerks. “In response to her continued refusal to sign off on the marriage licenses, the Kentucky state legislature changed the law so clerks did not have to sign their names on the documents.

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The court costs of Ms. Davis’ actions as well as the legislative change have cost the taxpayers of Kentucky too much so far. Not to mention that she was elected under the Democratic party, but almost immediately switched to the Republican party – only after taking office.

It seems to me that she is an opportunist lacking a moral compass. She has duped the voters and taxpayers of Kentucky.

Ms. Davis has not served the best interest of the citizens of her county. She has instead used her elected position as a platform and piggy bank by which sh can further her own self interests.

Once elected her job was to do as she was directed and what was best for the citizens in her county. She has failed to complete that mission.

Even recently Ms. Davis has utilized her notoriety from 2015 to fuel her own political agenda. “Last month, she reportedly took her anti-gay marriage message across the Atlantic, campaigning for nine days in Romania in favor of a constitutional change to rule out same-sex spouses.

The people of Kentucky, and the United States, deserve better than this crazy person serving as a County Clerk. Hopefully, the voters of the Commonwealth of Kentucky will realize that she has used and abused the systems there for too long. She wants to be a showpiece for the extreme right-wing conservatives who fell like it is important to legislate the personal aspects of everyone’s life. Maybe she should get a life…and move on?!

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