Explosive New Poll: America Is Ready to Elect a Congress that will Impeach Donald Trump

A new poll was just released by Washington Post and ABC News in which 58% of Americans approve of Mueller’s continued investigation while just 28% disapprove. The polling question was phrased as follows:

Q: A special counsel at the U.S. Justice Department, Robert Mueller, has been investigating possible ties between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government. Do you approve or disapprove of the way Mueller is handling this investigation?

The polling group was also asked whether they believed that the president is cooperating with Mueller’s investigation. 51% responded that they do not believe Trump is cooperating while 37% believe the president is cooperating.

An important note on the demographics: 38% of polling respondents identified as “Independent” and comprised the largest group, based on self-identification.

This seems to indicate that the Republican screams, cries, and generalized hand-wringing that the Mueller probe should be buried is not gaining any support among Americans.

Perhaps establishment Republicans will be legitimately surprised that the American people kind of do care whether they are living under a presidency that was predicated upon collusion with a hostile foreign power.

November 2nd marked the first day that the 35% job approval backstop Trump had enjoyed during his presidency gave way as he slid to 33% approval rating with Gallup’s daily tracking poll.

As Mueller has only just begun to take action, how low will Trump sink? Also, to what extent will Trump sabotage his eroding group of Trumpvangelicals by being so belligerent and reactionary that it’s obvious — even to them — that he’s terrified… and therefore obvious that he knows how fallow his campaign and/or administration will be for Robert Mueller?

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