FEC Documents Expose the Trump Campaign for Paying Millions to Trump’s Own Businesses

Is it legal? Yes. Is it ethical? Sort of…

According to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, the Donald Trump Campaign paid nearly $12.5 million exclusively to Trump-owned businesses, raising serious legal and ethical questions. CNN Reports that the $12.5 million, funneled directly into Trump’s businesses by his campaign, breaks down roughly into the following:

  • $8.7 million – Trump’s airplane company
  • $1.4 million – Trump Hotels/Golf clubs
  • $2.2 million – Trump Tower/Payroll
  • $200,000 – Trump Restaurants/Food Services
  • *an additional $32,000 to Eric Trump’s wine company

Larry Noble of the Campaign Legal Center explains that, because of Trump’s business holdings and extraordinary wealth, that this is truly unprecedented, “where somebody has run so much of their campaign through their own businesses, and in a way that it’s really hard to tell exactly what the money was spent on.”

Noble goes on to explain the legal vs. ethical questions, “if he did it legally, it’s not wrong. . . if he was doing it to make a profit off of it, and he charged more than he was supposed to have charged, then there is a problem.”

But the real problem, according to CNN, is that there is very little oversight and accountability on such matters, as Congressional laws on campaign finance are “not regularly enforced.”

Great. So 2/5 of America is busy celebrating the fact that Trump is proud of his conflicts-of-interest. Meanwhile, the rest of us are trying to figure out how to survive the next four years. Watch the CNN report here:

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