Former Mueller deputy on Donald Trump: ‘Government is going to kill this guy’

Phil Mudd, who as served as deputy director of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center and the FBI’s National Security Branch under Robert Mueller, warned that President Trump might not fully understand the extent to which he is agitating the government. Since taking office just under eight months ago, Trump has seemed hell-bent on repeatedly poking every conceivable bear within the intelligence community and the Department of Justice.


Mr. Mudd is a counterterrorism analyst for CNN. In an interview with CNN’s The Lead With Jake Tapper on Thursday, Phil Mudd said, “Let me give you one bottom line as a former government official. Government is going to kill this guy. He defends Vladimir Putin. There are State Department and CIA officers coming home, and at Langley and Foggy Bottom, CIA and State, they’re saying, ‘This is how you defend us?!'”

Regarding Trump’s ad-libbed ban on transgender people in the military, Mudd reminded Tapper that the response was essentially, “Show us the policy.’ You know what that means inside government? ‘Ain’t going to happen.”

On the subject of Trump’s assemblage of lawyers and mouthpieces inferring that Robert Mueller’s predawn raid on Manafort’s home was an overreach, Mudd said, “What did the Department of Justice say on Paul Manafort? ‘You can say what you want, a judge told us we had cause to search his home early in the morning because we don’t trust the guy who was your campaign manager.’ The government is going to kill this guy because he doesn’t support them.”

For the benefit of literalists and/or conspiracy theorists — Tapper clarified, “Obviously when you’re talking about killing you’re using that as a metaphor.”

“Well, obviously, yeah,” Mudd replied.

Mudd did an excellent job of illustrating just how much cooperation this president can expect from all of these various corners of government he has taken such joy in maligning.

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