If you’re wondering how many lies Trump has told as President, The Washington Post is counting

Did you catch that, folks? Trump has lied a lot. And that 317 number? That’s just since January 20. 

The Washington Post has committed to fact-checking President Trump for the first 100 days of his presidency.  Apparently it is a rather lofty task, because it turns out he lies an average of five times a day. A day. [Let’s be honest – if he lies five times a day, let’s hope the keep someone on the job for his entire term.]

The biggest three categories of Trump lies are 1. Jobs (60 lies), 2. Immigration (46 lies), and 3. Foreign Policy (35 lies). They are even tracking the days Trump makes it without telling a lie. That number? Go ahead – take a guess…

It’s 3. 

Folks, we can’t even imagine the amount of work that has gone into this comprehensive, interactive fact-checking page the Post has assembled.

Be sure to check in to The Washington Post’s fact-checking page every Friday through April for updates. And THANK YOU to the Post for doing good work for the people of the United States!

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