Joe Biden Confirms that top Repub Mitch McConnell Was Involved with Russian Election Interference

Mitch McConnell may be to blame for the extent of Russia’s interference with the 2016 Presidential election. This stems from a recent statement by former Vice President Joe Biden.

The former VP claims that McConnell blocked any attempts at a bi-partisan warning to the Russians regarding their actions toward the United States. Biden states that this was done simply as a partisan political tactic.

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Biden’ statements about McConnell were made during an interview at the Council on Foreign Relations regarding an article about Russia he had recently written.According to Biden, former President Barack Obama and himself felt it was best not to speak out about Russian interference during the 2016 election.

The major thought was that if they spoke out about Russian involvement it would appear as if they were trying to state the election was not legitimate. Biden has the following to say about the issue:

Can you imagine if the president called a press conference in October, with this fella, Bannon, and company, and said, ‘Tell you what: Russians are trying to interfere in our elections and we have to do something about it,’ ” he said. “Would things have gotten better, or would it further look like we were trying to de-legitimize the electoral process, because of our opponent? Had we known what we knew three weeks later, we may have done something more.

Earlier this year, Biden was asked if he personally felt that Russia had meddled in the 2016 election. His response was that he didn’t “think”, he “knew” they had interfered. How much this will play into the ongoing investigation of Team Trump, is hard to say. However, the more time passes the more evidence turns up that would support the claim that Russia interfered in the election…and Team Trump may have been right in the middle of things. Good job and good timing Joe Biden!


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