Kellyanne Conway LIES to Rachel Maddow’s FACE…Her Response Is Glorious

Rachel Maddow recently hosted the new Trump Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway, on her show. To close the interview, she asked Conway what role Roger Ailes, the newly-ousted head of Fox News, is playing with the Trump Campaign. Conway’s answer was clear and concise: “No. He is not a formal or informal adviser. They are old friends.” The big problem with her clear and concise answer? IT’S A LIE.

[A side note: Conway continued, “But he is a marketing genius.” Maddow responded, “and just resigned his job under a cloud of terrible sexual harassment allegations.” I love her.]

The problem Maddow has? The reports of Ailes serving as an adviser have continued. And they have become even MORE specific than the original reports. And as their meetings have become more frequent, INCLUDING meetings known to be debate prep – Maddow reports that even Kellyann Conway (who specifically denied having been a part of ANY meeting between Trump and Ailes) is a part of these meetings. In fact, they have confirmed at least THREE of these meetings, called “strategy sessions.”

In typical Maddow fashion, she ivicerates Conway, pointing out that while she denied being at one specific meeting between Trump and Ailes at a country club in New Jersey, she had, in fact, been at a meeting with the two the FOLLOWING Sunday. And then lied to Maddow’s face. And Maddow is PISSED.

You have to see Maddow call out her lie…and VOTE BLUE in 2016!

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