Kushner Profile Claims Trump’s Birther Movement Was a Lie “Lapped Up By Gullible Republicans”

According to a CNN report, the President’s son-in-law Jared Kushner – his newly-appointed Senior Adviser – did his best to calm the worries of “skittish acquaintances” of the President-elect. Their collective concerns focused on the fact that he was propagating some ridiculous claims, including the Barack Obama “birther” story that claimed he was not born in the United States, despite mountains of evidence that proves his nationality/citizenry.

Perhaps the most controversial statement New York magazine makes is in response to the idea that Trump might actually believe the outlandish things that were spewing out of his mouth. Not only does it suggest that Trump did NOT believe those things, but it also implies that the entire purpose was to trick an entire portion of the population into buying into the lies in exchange for votes. “Back when Trump was spinning birther conspiracy theories, which were lapped up by gullible Republicans, one person who talked to Kushner says he offered assurances that his father-in-law didn’t really believe that stuff,” it reads.

Whether you read that and feel validated or offended probably depends on your political leanings. But regardless of how you feel about Jared Kushner, he has without a doubt earned the trust of Trump, who often consults with Kushner last in the decision-making process that might include a slew of other people. New York adds to the profile the following:

Trump doesn’t really appear to listen to anyone, but he likes to hear a lot of advice. “We have no formal chain of command around here,” Trump said at a December boardroom audience with Jeff Bezos, Sheryl Sandberg, and other tech-industry leaders. Yet everyone knew who had played the biggest role in arranging the meeting: Kushner, who sat with his back to the cameras, directly facing the president-elect. During the campaign, Trump hired and fired many aides, but Kushner was frequently the last person he consulted before making major decisions.

New York suggests that they two have much more in common than they have differences, even suggesting that of the two, Trump might be the more forgiving. But for whatever differences they have, Kushner has firmly aligned himself with Trump with a “family first” principle that is changing the course of his career, and perhaps our country.

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