Melania Trump’s Attorney Confirms Her Family Came to America by Chain Migration

First Lady Melania Trump recently found herself back in the spotlight. And this time, it wasn’t because of a micro-scandal, another alleged extramarital affair, or an op-ed openly mocking her non-existent campaign to end cyber-bullying.

The latest scrutiny is germane to the First Lady’s parents — specifically over how they arrived at the cusp of American citizenship. Melania Knavs (Knauss) was born to Viktor and Amalija Knavs in Slovenia when it was still a part of Yugoslovia. Melania’s lore is that she moved to the United States as a starry-eyed teenager to pursue a “modeling career” and then caught the eye of a certain playboy real estate tycoon.

Melania’s parents, however, are much more recent residents of the United States. As reported by The Washington Post:

Immigration experts said Viktor and Amalija Knavs very likely relied on a family reunification process that President Trump has derided as “chain migration” and proposed ending in such cases.

The Knavses, formerly of Slovenia, are living in the country on green cards, according to Michael Wildes, a New York-based immigration lawyer who represents the first lady and her family.

“I can confirm that Mrs. Trump’s parents are both lawfully admitted to the United States as permanent residents,” he said. “The family, as they are not part of the administration, has asked that their privacy be respected, so I will not comment further on this matter.”

Yes, this would be an example of the so-called chain migration that the president himself has referred to with such derision. Just last month, he proposed ending the ability of U.S. citizens to sponsor their parents and siblings for legal residency in the United States.

And yet… his in-laws. It’s almost like he thinks he’s somehow better than us, isn’t it?

[Story originally published on our Sister Site, TPLNews.com]

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