Mike Pence Doles Out a Shocking Assessment of Trump’s Presidency after a Year of Constant Lies

At some point, shaking my head just isn’t going to get the job done anymore…

CNN’s Dana Bash recently sat down with Vice-President Mike Pence to talk about the myriad of ways Donald Trump has backtracked on his “America First” promises, specifically the air strikes in Syria, the dropping of a huge bomb in Afghanistan, and the threat of military action – with our without China – against North Korea.

Pence’s response is stunning: “I’d say to voters, President Trump is a man of his word.” He goes on to explain that he believes Trump has shown “strong leadership,” i.e. taking action when necessary.

Whether or not you believe that the recent string of attacks was justified and/or necessary isn’t the point. Pence is defending Trump’s honesty, when he has little to defend. Robert Reich recently gave a 100-day update on Trump’s presidency in which he outlines 13 of the biggest Trump lies. And folks, these are whammies…

Recent Polls show America is quickly coming to the realization that Trump is not a man of honesty, and that he is unlikely to go down in history for keeping his promises. A Gallup poll released this week reveals that the percentage of Americans who believe he will keep his promises has dropped from 62% in February to 45% in April.

The message from America to Trump is clear: the gig is up. We know you’re a con man.

And that leaves Pence in an admittedly difficult situation, where he is the President’s (presumed) right-hand man. But Pence better figure out what Spicer and Conway have – that the president’s words speak for themselves, and to defend Trump is to threaten your own credibility.

Pence, when you say Trump “is a man of his word,” you’re lying. And you know it. And so does America.

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