Mike Pence Email Scandal Deepens: The VP Dismisses Demands to Release Hidden Emails; Refuses to Answer Questions

Per the Associated Press Indiana Republican Governor Eric Holcomb’s office has released more than 1,300 pages of Mike Pence’s emails from the private AOL.com accounts Mike Pence used as governor, but most of the documents are heavily redacted and contain very little substance.

As Governor, Pence was involved in a lot of controversial legislation including the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (SB-101). In late 2016, then Lt. Governor Holcomb struggled to defend the bill. Several companies responded to the bill, which did little more than rubber-stamp approval on discrimination against members of LGBTQ community, by pulling their offices from the state of Indiana. Eventually the state spent an estimated $2 million trying to repair its damaged image.

Pence also did as much as he could to throttle the reproductive and unique health access of Indiana women while governor. Per Planned Parenthood, “Mike Pence isn’t your average anti-abortion governor. Not only has he signed 8 anti-abortion bills into law in Indiana — including one of the most extreme, invasive abortion laws in the country — but one bill he signed into law earlier this year was so extreme that even some of his fellow anti-abortion Republicans had a problem with it.” But Pence didn’t care. He still signed what was described by New York Times as “sweeping and unusual set of restrictions on abortion that went further than any other state in the country and openly clashed with legal precedent.”

Let’s not forget Pence’s vociferous objection to Hillary Clinton’s email usage.  There are so many reasons we deserve to see those emails. If nothing else, at least let Hillary take a peek. Although we should all shudder at the realization that his wife, Karen Pence, is probably listed in his AOL contacts as “Mother.”

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