Mueller Anxiety Closing In: Team Trump Braces for Next Charges

On Monday, October 30th, the federal government revealed cases against: Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort; Rick Gates, Manafort’s business partner; and George Papadopoulos, who was a foreign policy adviser on Trump’s presidential campaign.

While both of the former surrendered to the FBI and pleaded not guilty with respect to the 12 charges they are facing, Papadopoulos had already agreed to a plea bargain before the case against him become public knowledge.

October 30th ushered in a feverish game of wondering who will be next — and certainly there will be others. For all we know, Mueller might have any number of people already facing indictment or already having agreed to plea deals. After all, the FBI interviewed Papadopoulos in January and again in February, but he wasn’t actually arrested until July. He only just reached agreed to his plea deal in October — and none of us had any idea.

It seems everyone has a theory about who might be next and why. The Manafort/Gates indictment has proven fertile for the interest of the legalese as well as laypersons. Sharp eyes noticed that the indictment in question was marked ‘B’, suggesting there to be an ‘A’ already processed… even though we don’t yet know who.

The most titillating prospect is none other than former (short-term) National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. And since Flynn’s son, Michael Flynn Jr, was part of Trump’s transition team there is strong speculation that could be exploited by Robert Mueller as leverage against the elder Flynn.

With some much chaos in the zeitgeist, just imagine the tension surrounding the Trump administration right now. Wait, actually, don’t do that — President Trump called the The New York Times  to assure the publication that he’s super calm about everything… but according to three of their sources, “More than Mr. Mueller, the adviser added, the president remains most frustrated with the same person who has drawn his ire for months: Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Mr. Trump has excoriated Mr. Sessions for recusing himself from the investigation and handing it over to a deputy to oversee, saying he should not have been appointed.”


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