Mueller Blindsided Trump with a Completely Unexpected Move. Now We Know Why Trump Was Furious.

One major Mueller move instigated a total meltdown for Donald Trump. Now we know why – Mueller gained pretty much unchallenged access to Trump’s financials.

And it could spell serious trouble for the entire Trump White House.

Felix Sater, mobster and business partner of President Trump, has put Trump and his family in cross-hairs of $350 million dollar fraud allegations stemming from a defunct “Trump SoHo” development backed by group venture: Bayrock. The Trump SoHo project was shuttered back in 2014 after bank foreclosure.

Previously in interviews and during the course of relevant lawsuits, Bayrock associate Jody Kriss said that he eventually departed from the firm altogether because he became convinced that Bayrock was actually a front for money laundering. Kriss and fellow Bayrock employee Michael Ejekam would go on to sue for $1 billion in damages.

Jody Kriss also went into detail about favoring certain Icelandic banks which were closer to Vladmir Putin. The name that comes up most prominently in those lawsuits is that of Felix Sater (who’s since changed the spelling of his last name to “Satter”), who pleaded guilty to participating in a mafia-linked “pump and dump” stock fraud, which included laundering money, and defrauded investors of around $40 million.

Leaked emails from a Bayrock attorney partner, The Sapir Organization, illustrates a feverish back-and-forth regarding the project as well as an unpcoming meeting with Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and Ivanka Trump. What matters most here is that instead of informing financiers and buyers about Felix Sater’s criminal past, the Trump Organization — the Trump family —  kept Sater’s background a secret. Trump seems far less concerned with Sater’s criminal history and far more concerned with how he can use that history for leverage.

His success in that goal is unlikely.

While Donald Trump said in 2007 under oath during deposition for a separate matter that he was, “looking into it,” when asked whether he was aware of Felix Sater’s criminal past. That was prior to the newly-released emails regarding Bayrock Trump SoHo situation, so that evidence leaves very little in the way of plausible deniability for President Trump.

Though it’s unlikely this is the only reason that Trump postured that Mueller would be crossing a line by looking into his finances, those of his family, and the business dealings of Trump Organization — it’s a pretty big one.



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