New Campaign Strategy? Donald Trump Is Now Saying Barak Obama Is Guilty of Treason

It’s almost become the norm to hear President Trump make outlandish claims about Barack Obama with no basis.

But recently he managed to shock even the most jaded critics as he suggested with absolutely no evidence that the former President is guilty of committing treason.

Trump was referring to Obama’s connection into the investigation of Trump 2016 campaign’s contacts with Russia.

In an interview with CBN News, Trump said, “Treason. Treason. It’s treason.” Trump did not mention specifics but repeated his claim that the Obama “spied” on his campaign.

Trump told CBN News’s David Brody, “They’d been spying on my campaign… Turned out I was right. Let’s see what happens to them now.”

Trump said he was hopeful about U.S. Attorney John Durham’s ongoing investigation into Russia investigation, praising both him and Attorney General William Barr.  

Trump said, “I want to stay out of it because otherwise it’s going to look political… Let’s see what they come up with.”

Trump and his supporters have claimed that FBI agents targeted his 2016 campaign unfairly as they launched an investigation into Russia’s interference into the election. Trump labeled it as a “witch hunt.”

The FBI was not found to have been driven by any bias in a Justice Department inspector general report issued last year but Trump maintains his accusations.

The Justice Department’s warrant to wiretap former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page has continued to draw criticism, too. Durham is said to be investigating the Page warrant.

Legal analyst and former federal prosecutor in New York, Elie Honig, said Trump’s claim about Obama was “petty and ridiculous.” 

Honig said, “First, all the wiretaps were court-approved. Second, there’s no proof Obama had anything to do with those lawful wiretaps. And third, if we need to get technical (and we don’t because there’s nothing there) treason only applies during a declared war.”

Trump has repeatedly tried to tie Obama to actions that targeted his 2016 campaign, though he has not been able to provide any proof or mention any specific crime.

Monday, however, he stepped up his attack on Obama and said he believed he was guilty of treason.

[Of course it’s not treason, which has a very specific, narrow definition spelled out in our Constitution.]

Barr has been asked to address Trump’s comments on Obama and has said he does not expect to have a criminal investigation into Obama OR former VP and current Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden.

Barr told reporters at a press conference, “Based on the information I have today, I don’t expect Mr. Durham’s work will lead to a criminal investigation of either man…Our concern over potential criminality is focused on others.”

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