Ohio Democratic Mayor Flipped Republican for Trump. Then He Got Blindsided with Exactly What He Deserved.

You just can’t make this stuff up, y’all…

Tom Coyne was elected mayor of Brook Park, Ohio in 2013 as a Democrat.  In 2016, he shocked his constituents and community by defecting from the Democratic Party and coming out as a supporter of President Donald Trump.

Coyne justified his appalling change of heart by saying, “What’s happening is the Republican Party is getting transformed like the old Reagan Democrats, and that’s who I represent”.  At one point, Coyne even appeared at a fundraiser with Donald Trump, Jr.  In retrospect, this might not have been the best decision Tom Coyne has made.

Not surprisingly, the voters of Brook Park were unimpressed with this political traitor, and voted Coyne out of office recently.  Coyne was defeated by more than five percentage points.

The new mayor of Brook Park is Michael Gammella, a United Auto Workers representative who ran as an Independent.  As was the case around the country during this past week’s elections, anti-Trump voters let their voices be heard by voting out anyone remotely affiliated or supportive of President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, many Republicans finally saw just how disgusted the American public is with our bigoted and misogynistic Commander in Chief.  Republicans left in office now have to ask themselves some tough questions.  Do they double down on their support of President Trump, and risk being voted out themselves?  Or do they quietly distance themselves from Trump’s divisive agenda and take a more moderate approach in an attempt to keep themselves in power?

Only time will tell, but if there’s one thing Republicans are good at, it is definitely saving their own bacon.  It wouldn’t be hard for them to say what their constituents want to hear just to keep their power, regardless of their personal beliefs.

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