Ousted Trump Advisor Steve Bannon Just Announced How He Plans to Destroy the Republican Party

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who was ousted shortly after General John Kelly took over Trump’s chief of staff, sat down for an interview with 60 Minutes.

Bannon described himself to interviewer Charlie Rose as a “street fighter” and vowed to be his “wing man outside for the entire time.”

Rose then discussed Trump’s response to Charlottesville, and a clearer picture of the interview’s purpose emerged as Steve Bannon indicated that folks were free to make suggestions to this president, but “if you’re gonna break with him — resign.” Bannon said he was speaking of “Gary Cohn and some other people.”

Immediately following Steve Bannon’s departure from the Trump administration, he returned to Breitbart. All indications were that he intended to be the “wing man from outside.” But Bannon told Charlie Rose that “the Republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election.” He specifically name-checked Senate Majority Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan as being adversarial to President Trump, saying, “They’re going to be held accountable if they do not support the President of the United States. Right now there’s no accountability. They do not support the President’s program. It’s an open secret on Capitol Hill — everybody in this city knows it.”

Steve Bannon will back challengers to those perceived to have trespassed against Trump in attempt to unseat them as to remove obstacles from Trump’s presidency. Per CNN:

“The target list includes Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker, Alabama Sen. Luther Strange, Nevada Sen. Dean Heller and Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, the source said.”

The “target list” will probably include everyone forced to publicly disavow something Trump says or does, so it can only grow from here. If nothing else, the 60 minutes interview shed light on the kinship between Steve Bannon and President Trump. They’re both more concerned with vengeance than figuring out a way for this president to forward his agenda in such a way that members of his own party aren’t forced to speak out against him. And, let’s be clear, there are plenty of appalling this president said and did on the campaign trail as well as since taking office that the entire GOP pretended not to see, not to hear. And when someone in the Republican establishment does publicly disagree with this president, they know there will be reprisals. When cowards start to look brave, that’s a good indicator that the ship has lost its rudder.

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