Paul Ryan Proves Himself a Lying Swamp Monster: Breaks a Terrible Record for the House Speaker

In 2015, when Paul Ryan became House Speaker, he promised that the law-making process in the House would be open and inclusive.  Unsurprisingly, Ryan just broke a record which proves his previous statements to be a lie.

The House Rules Committee, controlled by Paul Ryan, broke the record for most closed rules in a single session.  For the 49th time this session, lawmakers have not been allowed to give amendments on a bill.  That makes this session the most closed Congress in the history of the United States.  Ryan has not allowed members of Congress to propose amendments on the floor to a single piece of legislation. Ryan is the only Speaker in recent history to eschew the open process entirely.

Having legislation and amendments discussed on the open floor allows the will of the people to be heard.  Not allowing the bills to be heard on the open floor may be good for the Republican lawmakers, it suppresses debate and silences our representatives, which essentially silences the citizens they were elected to represent.

For his part, Ryan claims that the process is open, stating that, “We’re going through the committee process. All these bills are going through the committee.”

Representative Jim McGovern, a Democrat from Massachusetts, strongly disagrees with Ryan’s defense, saying, “Open process my foot…I guess in the age of Donald Trump words simply don’t matter anymore. Black is white. Up is down. Open is closed. And politicians can say whatever they think sounds good and think they can get away with it — facts be damned.”

Seems like Trump supporters should embrace McGovern, too; he’s telling it how it is with that statement.  Our representatives are being silenced, which is silencing us by extension.  Our voices need to be heard in Congress, regardless of party affiliation.  Our government was never supposed to be run by a select few politicians, but by people who are selected to represent all of us.  Someone should remind Paul Ryan of that fact.

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