President Trump’s Strongest Supporters are Abandoning Him

It was a rough weekend for the President.

Indeed, after launching a strike on a Syrian airfield in response to Assad’s use of chemical weapons on his own people (and Russia’s apparent complicity), those who voted for Trump as a nationalist, America-first president who would refrain from meddling in the middle east are launching some serious ammunition back at him.

CNN reports that Trump’s “right-wing populist supporters” are criticizing the strike, and are creating distance between themselves and Trump. They go to explain the switcheroo that’s taking place right now: “Populists who applauded Trump for his disdain for US interventions overseas and his campaign declaration that the US “cannot be the policeman of the world” were aghast by the strike. In contrast, an international community that has often held Trump at arm’s length stepped up to declare their rock-solid support for the new US president. “

Those who support the President’s move include German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, and even the far-left Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who said Canada, “fully supports the United States’ limited and focused action to degrade the Assad regime’s ability to launch chemical weapons attacks against innocent civilians.” 

Those on the far-right, however, are blasting Trump for diving head first into Syria, without either the approval of Congress or a viable plan for moving forward. Those criticizing him the loudest include some of his strongest supporters, Ann Coulter and former Breitbart editor, Milo Yiannopoulos.

Coulter tweeter, “Those who wanted us meddling in the Middle East voted for other candidates. Trump campaigned on not getting involved in Mideast. Said it always helps our enemies & creates more refugees. Then he saw a picture on TV,” while Yiannopoulos added, “There comes a day in every child’s life when his Daddy bitterly disappoints him.”


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