Rachel Maddow Blasts Donald Trump’s AG Pick Sessions, Just Exposed for Sinister Lie

Rachel Maddow explains the latest in a story that is sure to make for a contentious confirmation hearing for Donald Trump’s pick for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

She highlights the story of protesters having a sit-in in Sessions’s Alabama office. The group, protesting this irresponsible nomination, included the current President of the NAACP. The protest ended in their arrest. Maddow goes on to remind watchers that 1300+ law professors – including some of the most well-respected academics in law – have come out publicly against Sessions in the form of a letter of opposition against his confirmation (hear that loud and clear, folks – well-respected lawyers speaking out against Sessions as Attorney General). Finally, she notes that an “eloquent and scathing letter” was sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee from Deval Patrick, the former governor of Massachusetts and part of the defense team in a 1980s trial Sessions was prosecuting against three black civil-rights activists.

But the big blow – perhaps the deal-breaker – comes as the Trump team submitted talking points to the media to make people feel warm and fuzzy about Sessions. According to Sessions, he has a distinguished civil-rights career in which he personally prosecuted a number of desegregation cases. The problem? HE DIDN’T

Now the civil-rights attorneys who DID work on those cases have come forward exposing Sessions’s lies. Maddow makes reference to a story reported by the Washington Post that explains that the truth, in fact, is far more sinister than just a lie. Maddow quotes the attorneys, “Sessions has not worked to protect civil rights. He worked against civil rights at every turn. Sessions knows that his real record on race and civil rights is harmful to his chances for confirmation. So he has made up a fake one.”

Maddow jumps all over this story – let’s hope it makes a difference! And we hope YOU make a difference! After you watch this segment, be sure to share it. This MUST go viral – help us stop a Sessions nomination!


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