Republicans Have a Yuge New Problem: They Are Grossly Un-American

Dear Republicans,

If you’re still unsure about things, let me clarify. You complete and utter blindness to reality not only proves you put party above country. Unfortunately, we are way, way past that. The mere fact that you still support this buffoon of a president proves that you don’t give a shit about America.

In a nutshell, your unfettered support for Trump is unpatriotic and un-American. And until you show us that you’re willing to do what it takes to stop this populist dictator-wannabe, then our fight is no longer just against Trump – it’s against the facade of neo-conservatism that would rather sit idly by and watch the very pillars of our beloved democratic-republic crumble before your very eyes than admit that you made a huge, huge mistake.

Congressman Elijah Cummings made perhaps the most powerful statement yet in response to the latest round of treasonous bullshit to come flying out of the White House (or maybe Mar-a-Lago). CNN reports that while a guest on the Sirius XM Joe Madison Show today, Cummings gave a statement that rings with a shameful, un-American truth: If it was Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump, she would have already been impeached.

“I have bird’s eye view on all this stuff, and I look at how they treated Hillary Clinton. I mean, for one millionth of what has happened with Trump, they would have impeached her. I’m just telling you. They would have been going crazy. That’s what makes this so egregious.”
When Madison said an impeachment vote would have already taken place, Cummings answered, “No doubt.”

And while you can say that’s speculation, everyone knows that Cummings assessment is absolutely true. They are willing to overlook the fact that Trump is completely unqualified, wholly deficient, and arguably treasonous with his actions. Republicans show us who they are again and again when they offer their support to a money-hungry, unethical business mogul/TV star who puts his own interests far above those of the country.

So Republicans, until you’re ready to show you’re serious about protecting the interest of America and Americans over the Trump’s and the Trump Organization, be prepared to be stung with the painful truth – that you’re simply un-American.



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