Rift between Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence obvious after Trump hurls childish insult at him

Are you a dog person or a cat person? If you are Donald Trump – the answer is neither.

Recent reports have provided information that Trump is less than happy that Vice President Mike Pence and family brought their pets with them to Washington. But would we expect any less from the Trump – nothing else he has done or said thus far in his presidency has made sense, why start now?

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According to The Hill, Trump was embarrassed by the actions of the Pences. “…Trump told his secretary that he thought it was ‘low class’ for the Pences to bring their pets to the Naval Observatory… He thinks the Pences are yokels.

At the time of inauguration, the Pences had four pets – now the total is at five. They have a snake, a rabbit (Marlon Bundo), two cats, and a dog. I mean, check out that pic above – the Pences are calm, cool and collected with their pets. These animals are part of their family and this picture shows us that they really care about them. In contrast, below, is Donald Trump.

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In my opinion Trump should not be trusted for a variety of reasons, but more especially is his “low class” statement about Mike Pence and family. The family has pets – those pets go with them to their home. Where did Donald think the pets were supposed to go? If Trump can’t understand pets, then he is not worthy of the office of President. No wonder he has made a shambles of Washington. He might not drain the swamp, but it certainly feels like he might burn down the government.


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