Robert Mueller Just Pushed His Own Nuke Button – IRS Forced to Comply with Russia Investigation; Hands Over Yuge Amounts of Trump Documents

If Mueller has a WMD, then folks, this is it…

According to several sources at CNN, the IRS is now cooperating with the requests of special counsel Robert Mueller to allow his team to access information regarding President Donald Trump and his campaign staff. This is in direct response to issues that have been exposed regarding the investigation of ties that may exist between trump, his staff, and Russia.

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One of the major targets of Mueller’s investigation is Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort. According to journalist Natalie Dickinson, “Manafort was promoted to Trump’s presidential campaign manager in April 2016 and resigned in August after it was discovered that Manafort received some $12.7 million dollars for his lobbying work for Ukrainian dictator and Putinist puppet Viktor Yanukovych…“.

Manafort’s ties to “questionable” figures in Russia and Ukraine have been scrutinized in recent weeks with many new discoveries being made as to the reach of his influence, or the influence of his associates, when it came to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

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Trump’s administration continues to be rocked by the scandal of Russian interference, which it appears could have caused him to win the last U.S. Presidential election. With Manafort having resigned in August 2016, his integrity and affairs with the Russians has continually been in the spotlight.

Mueller believes that being able to expose the finances of Manafort will illustrate wrongdoing and collusion (on behalf of Donald Trump). “…the financial records that Mueller’s team wants extend as far back as eleven years ago, which speaks volumes about Manafort’s greed and his willingness to skirt the law.” It doesn’t appear that Manafort would be described best as “honest”, “fair”, or “nice”. Amazing the type of people with which Chief Citizen Trump surrounds himself.

The interesting part of this situation is that a deal for personal information has been reached – between Mueller’s team and Manafort’s counsel. This agreement has most likely been agreed upon because Manafort has nothing to hide – at least nothing that is in the possession of the IRS.

In August 2016 it was reported that payments to Manafort were found recorded in a ledger in Ukraine. These payments were apparently made in cash. Therefore, the IRS would most likely not have any record of this. So why would Manafort worry – he can deny the ledger, he can deny the cash payment, and no one will be the wiser as to whether he was involved or not. This web of deceit Trump and his staff are weaving is becoming very tangled.


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