Sean Spicer Literally Can’t Name One Legislative Success from Trump’s First 100 Days

Folks, this is tough to watch. And let’s be honest – it’s hard to route for Sean Spicer (or Kellyanne Conway, or Steve Bannon, or the entire Team-Trump gang, for that matter). But watching him struggle to name one – just one – legislative success from the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency will leave you cringing.

This was the question posed: “Looking ahead to the 100 day mark, and setting aside executive orders, can you say what single piece of legislation that you are proudest you got through Congress that was on the President’s agenda?”

Spicer’s response:

Well a few things on that. Number one, we’re not done. We’ve got a little ways before we hit that 100-day mark. So I think what you’ve seen out of this White House is a very robust agenda of activities. There’s a lot of executive orders that I think the President’s pleased with, not only for what they’ve done or what they will do, but what they’ve done.

I think when you look at immigration in particular, we see a very significant drop at the border. I think on jobs there’s been a lot of activity  that we’re very proud to see American manufacturing and job creation. But then there’s pieces like what we did today, that I think if you’re a veteran who’s served this country to know that you have additional options to get healthcare in a timely manner. Or not just a…but a geographically-friendly manner. So you’re not driving hours is very helpful, and a strong symbol of how we treat our veterans.

There’s a lot of things I think the President’s done on veterans, immigration, on regulatory reform – as I’ve mentioned here, we’re not at a dozen Congressional review acts – pieces of legislation that have been signed, that have had, I think, a very positive impact on, and will have a positive impact on job creation. And I’ve noted before to you that only one had ever been signed in history before. That’a a pretty significant achievement for the President.

And obviously, when you look at the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, that’s another significant one.

But there’s a lot, and again, we’ll obviously spent some time talking about this next week. But I think we’re very pleased with what the President’s accomplished…


Folks, this man is a train wreck. This is tough to watch. But watch it here. Then click “share.” Just because.

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