Southern Pastor Writes the Perfect Open Letter to Obama: You’re “the better man.”

Proving that not all Christians are Fox News watching, gay hating, racist, ignorant gun-nuts, Pastor John Pavlovitz of North Raleigh, has penned a moving open letter to President Barack Obama, writing about how history will remember Obama’s legacy much more kindly than the many Obama haters would have you believe.

Pavlovitz writes to Obama:
•    I’ve watched the way you’ve absorbed a billion body blows from your critics; brutal words that run far deeper than policy or platform, words composed within poisoned hearts long before you served a single day in office.
•    I’ve watched you bombarded with a daily molotov cocktail of white privilege and hidden or overt racism disguised as objective opposition.

•    I’ve watched your wife and children attacked with a ferocity and malevolence that defy any sense of decency and that have no precedence.

•    I’ve watched your birthplace called into question, your personal faith ridiculed, your very humanity discounted.

•    I’ve watched you endure the incessant, bitter venom of those for whom the color of your skin was always going to be a problem.

•    And through all of it, I’ve watched you be the better man.

The truth is, many of us understand that the Evangelical Right, the NRA, FoxNews, and far too many ordinary folks living here were simply never going to be okay with a man of color leading them and succeeding—and yet you have done both.

Eight years later, those same people still strain to bait you into reciprocating bitterness and in fulfilling their toxic prophecies of you, while you simply continue to do what you do with nobility, compassion, good humor, and steadfast, unapologetic conviction.

And he concludes with:

So you’ll forgive me if I speak informally right now, and if I use words used often brandished by your critics to undermine the work you’ve done and the life you’ve lived and the character you’ve shown.

Without a trace of irony or sarcasm, let me simply say:

Thanks, Obama.

Thanks John Pavlovitz, for writing so eloquently how many of us feel about our President. Thank you, Pastor, for proving that there are Christians who follow the model of Christ, exercising compassion, kindness and thoughtfulness.

And yes, we wholeheartedly agree, Thanks, Obama.

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