Terrorism Has a New Face in Trump’s America. Here’s a hint: White Men.

According to a study by the think-tank New America, between 2001 and 2015 more Americans have been killed by homegrown right-wing extremists than by so-called Islamic extremists.

According to police, the mass shooting in Las Vegas, resulting in 59 deaths was carried out by so-called “lone wolf” Stephen Paddock, a 64 year old Reno resident. As always seems to be the case whenever white American men go on shooting sprees, Republicans hesitated to immediately affix the “terrorist” label to Paddock. When ISIS took immediate responsibility for the carnage, everyone balked. There is absolutely no reason to believe ISIS had anything to do with the Vegas mass shooting, however, had Paddock been slightly less white — officials might not have been so quick to dismiss ISIS.

Gun Violence Archives, compiles information on mass shootings. Since President Trump took office on January 20th 2017,  323 people have died and 1249 people injured in mass shootings.


The Republican party, particularly those politicians who have been bought by the NRA without a waiting period, do not like those numbers. White Americans going on shooting sprees — particularly with legally-purchased firearms and sometimes the full portfolio of permit paperwork — well, it just doesn’t suit the NRA, therefore it doesn’t suit Republicans.

It is much more palatable when they — the less white, the less American-seeming, and/or the more Muslim — slaughter people en masse. Especially when they do so in absence of a legally-purchased firearm.

I’m sure the GOP and the NRA send roughly the same amount of thoughts and prayers regardless of identity politics, but when an old white American man unloads thousands of rounds of ammunition into a crowd and vaguely at law enforcement officials, the GOP (NRA) has to wake someone up early to come out and tell us that now (whenever it is) is not the appropriate time to discuss common sense gun control.

It is never the appropriate time.


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