The Leader of the Charlottesville White Supremacist Movement Just Got Exactly What He Deserved

Jason Kessler, best known as the organizer of the “Unite the Right” rally which turned deadly, was scheduled to speak this week at a Charlottesville town meeting. City council member Kristin Szakos told The Independent that when she saw Kessler’s name, she thought: “Uh-oh, this could get ugly.”

But Kristin Szakos had little reason for concern. When Szakos called Kessler’s name, he didn’t appear. Then someone called out from the audience: “We chased him out of town!”Another voice from the audience yelled, “We found him and his friends and we chased him out of town tonight. That’s why he’s not in this room right now.”

It is reported that the crowd began to cheer and multiple members of the audience rose to their feet in elation. A city council member told the audience, “That’s appreciated.”

Szakos spoke with activists who said they had followed Mr Kessler out of the meeting, and into a town nearly 45 minutes away. She told The Independent, “This whole time we had been sitting in a meeting, they had been chasing him out of town with their car!”

Solidarity CVille, a Charlottesville activist group, celebrated the news online. The organisation claimed Mr Kessler, a Charlottesville resident, had met with members of a white supremacist organisation in Charlottesville that day. “When word spread of these sightings, community members gathered to protect and defend Charlottesville from the presence of these white supremacists.”

At the end of Monday’s Charlottesville city council meeting, members voted to name a street in the downtown district “Heather Heyer Way” in honor of the activist who was killed in the melee of Kessler’s rally.


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