There Is Only One Person Who Has Successfully Managed to Shut Trump Up on Twitter

While President Donald Trump has not slowed his fast and furious usage of Twitter, there has been some restraint shown recently by the tweet-storm obsessed leader.

For the last few months, Trump has not made any posts concerning the investigation into his ties with Russia and Vladimir Putin, nor any threats towards Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the man in charge of the investigation.

And we have a man named Ty Cobb to thank for that.  Cobb, a White House lawyer who joined Trump’s team over the summer, has had a major impact on Trump’s Twitter attacks.  According to one White House official, Cobb “has impressed upon Trump the risks of using such loaded language when it comes to Mueller”.

Cobb’s actual job isn’t policing the president’s social media posts.  Per Politico, the lawyer spends around 85 hours a week reviewing a vast database of internal documents relevant to the Russia probe. Even Cobb himself denies that he has had much to do with reigning in Trump, saying that it is the president himself who wants to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation.

So Ty Cobb has convinced President Trump that it is in his best interest to keep his condemnation of Mueller and the Russia investigation to himself.  Finding the right person to get it through Trump’s skull that sometimes silence is golden took almost a year.

Now where is the hero we truly deserve? The one who will convince Trump to delete his Twitter account altogether? Is there a real life Bruce Wayne or Harvey Dent waiting in the wings to save the American public from Donald’s troublesome social media rants? Doubtful. Unfortunately, I think we are stuck with a second-rate Two Face-type character, one who will continue to restrain himself as long as it is beneficial to him, but will spew ridiculous, offensive, and divisive garbage to rile up his base of supporters.

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