This CNN Anchor Was Left Stunned in Disbelief that These Trump Supporters Are so Dumb


It’s simply unbelievable that people would choose (and I say choose, because they have nothing else on which to base their belief) to believe lies that have been proven false, untrue, fake. These people understand that what they believe has been debunked, and yet the don’t care. Because Media. Because Donald Trump. Because immigrants.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota interviewed a panel of “longtime Trump supporters,” who believe the president-elect’s claim that the lost the popular vote because 3 million illegal immigrants voted in the presidential election. One such supporter, named Paula Johnson, revealed that she he witnessed illegal immigrants voting in her home state of New Hampshire, and said that the fraudlant voters were casting their votes because “the President said I could vote.”

CNN explains the problem: “Camerota asked Johnson where she heard that President Barack Obama said undocumented immigrants could vote. “Google it,” another Trump supporter, Susan DeLemus, said. “You can find it on Facebook.” Camerota pulled out her phone to look for herself, eventually finding a video that had been deceptively edited. “He had said nothing of the sort when you go back to the transcript,” she said. The claim had been disproven, but Johnson was steadfast in her opinion, concluding: “I believe there is voter fraud in this country.”

Camerota navigates the interview with grace, and yet it is obvious she is in utter disbelief at what she hears. If we want to fix the problems in this country, we should much more of our energies in educating our populace…I believe we are becoming dangerously dummed-down. These die-hard Trump supporters speak volumes…

Watch the video below, and you, too, will be stunned.

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