This Republican Senator Was Blistered for Racists Comments Aimed at Democratic Opponent

This guy represents everything that is wrong with America.

His name is Mark Kirk.

Video has emerged of then-Senator Kirk (R – Illinois) making a horrific racist statement toward his opponent, Tammy Duckworth.

Duckworth is a true American hero, a disabled veteran of the Iraq war. But never mind all that, because Senator Kirk decided it would score some big political points in Illinois if he started to attack her mixed-race heritage.

Here’s what Kirk says: “I’d forgotten, uh, that your, uh, parents came all the way from Thailand to serve George Washington.”

Folks, that video is only a few seconds long, so be sure to hear Kirk actually say these words – and the deafening silence that immediately follows.

But let’s be clear about something – in lineage alone, Tammy Duckworth is the vastly more American than Kirk. Mother Jones explains: “Her father, Franklin, was a World War II vet and lifetime NRA member who traced his lineage back to an ancestor who fought in the American Revolution. Her mother, Lamai, is a Thai woman of Chinese descent. Tammy was born in Bangkok in 1968 and grew up moving around Asia, where Franklin was working for the United Nations and multinational corporations.”

Whatever Kirk was trying to accomplish by starting his own Tammy Duckworth “birther” bullshit, it was a miscalculation. [That’s an understatement. It backfired – big time].

Kirk was forced to offer an apology:

But if you were hoping that apology just wouldn’t be good enough, well, you were right. Check out some of these Twitter responses that FOLLOWED Kirk’s not-so-heart-felt apology:

Ouch!  Then there are these:

You’ll be happy to learn that Kirk Lost to SENATOR Duckworth.

If you support Senator Duckworth, AND you believe there is NO place for BS asses like Kirk in our government, then SHARE this article, and be sure to join the conversation on Facebook!

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