Top Democratic Congressman exposes out the biggest Russia lie so far from Trump

>Congressman Adam Schiff told Dana Bash on CNN’s State of the Union when asked about the recently released email in which Trump attorney Michael Cohen emailed the Kremlin regarding building a possible Trump Tower in Moscow while President Trump was campaigning for presidency. “The President was dishonest when he said during the campaign that he had no business in Russia, and was pursuing no business in Russia. So yet another misleading statement by this administration about their relationship with Russia.” Schiff continued, “If they were pursuing business in Russia during the campaign, that might have influenced the positions that the candidate took in a more pro-Russian direction. After all, if they were going to be criticizing Putin, criticizing Russia, that would diminish the chances that this deal would go through.”

Congressman Schiff, who serves as Ranking Member of United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, also said that he expects at some point Michael Cohen Felix Sater – the single Trump associate who could prove to be the president’s nadir all on his own – will “come in and testify.”

Dana Bash asked Schiff how important it is to find who was supposed to have provided the financing for this proposed Trump Tower in Moscow. He replied that it was “part of a broader range of concerns about potential money laundering or other financial entanglement.”

Congressman Schiff declined to answer whether he thought there to be evidence of money laundering, but said that he would have concerns over any financial transactions Trump may have had with Russia, even if they were fully legitimate because by virtue of Trump, his family his campaign (which includes family), and administration (which, yes, includes family) have repeatedly denied such. That fact alone means that Putin could leverage any of those business dealings against President Trump.


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