Top Republican Senator Lindsey Graham to Trump: Release Your Tax Returns – Now

It looks like the top tier of the Republican Leadership has finally caught up to the rest of America – the concern of Donald Trump dismantling the pillars of democracy in our great nation is real. They get it.

Linsey Graham (R-SC), one of the most conservative members of the U.S. Senate, fell in line with this concern, which he made known to NBC News’s Chuck Todd on a recent episode of Meet the Press.

Graham was there to discuss the ongoing investigation into the possible collusion between President Trump and Russia during the election. And while he quickly states that “I have yet to find any evidence of improper business dealings between the Trump Organization and Russia,” he goes on to state the only way this controversy can be settled is by the full and immediate release of Trump’s tax returns.

However, if you can show if there is reason…if there is suspicion of that, then we need to get financial documents. I can’t ask for documents unless I have a reason. But the President should turn over his tax returns. He should do that. I don’t have a reason to subpoena them; If I get that reason, I’ll do it. But he should turn over his tax returns. He should do that now.”

Todd points out that Trump’s personal returns would reveal enough, but that the most likely place to find evidence would be in Trump’s LLCs. Graham responded, “If you can show me that we need to do that, then I will do it…I’m open-minded to all things Russia. The bottom line is I think Russia tried to affect our election, undermine our democracy. I want them to pay a price.”

Clearly Graham knows that Trump watches these news programs, and typically has strong reactions to them one way or another. By publicly calling for Trump to release these returns, he gives the President the chance to show he has nothing to hide, or he further ensures that Trump ramps up the controversy by continuing to look guilty.

We’ll see how well this turns out…

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