Trump Aide Reveals Trump’s Situation can be Described with One Ominous Word…

Robert Mueller sent President Trump a message last week – loud and clear. He is going to very thoroughly investigate Trump’s campaign and past business dealings and if he finds anything that’s questionable, Trump will be in serious trouble.

In fact, it looks like Trump is f*cked.

On Monday, Mueller charged and arrested former Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort and his associate Rick Gates on twelve counts of money laundering and conspiracy to commit fraud against the United States.

Many people have begun to question how Mueller’s thorough approach will effect Trump, his staff, and their current attempts to run things in Washington.

Chris Baynes of the Independent reported that, “Sam Nunberg, an adviser to the Republican’s presidential campaign, said Paul Manafort’s indictment showed special prosecutor Robert Mueller would ‘go over every financial dealing’ of Trump’s businesses and allies. He suggested the President may not be able to survive the probe alongside dwindling approval ratings.

Not only will Mr. Trump’s businesses and past be investigated, but also those of his family and top campaign staff. The most concerning is that his top adviser and son-in law, Jared Kushner, may be implicated in the investigation.

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Mr. Kushner has had many questionable business dealings involving international characters – specifically those of Russian background. Not to mention his role as adviser to Trump has been lackluster at best. Kushner, who has little or no political background, has continually pushed the President into decisions that have simply blown up in his face.

Mr Trump is reported to blame Mr Kushner for his role in decisions, such as the firing of FBI director James Comey, that led to the Russia probe.” Kushner, Trump, and the entire White House staff are at odds with one another – and it shows – the legislative success of the White House is barely hovering above zero percent.

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To add to ALL of the troubles facing Trump these days, his approval rating has dropped to it’s lowest thus far – 33%. A President with an approval rating at that level simply cannot do an effective job leading the nation. I think that has been evident in the ten months that rump has occupied the White House.

Little, if any, progress has been made to benefit the American people. The United States has become more socially and politically divided. There is no foreseeable way that Trump can continue in his current mode of operation. As much as he may hate it, it’s time for Trump to give up the ship – he needs to step down, for the sake of the country.

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