Trump Lowered the Presidential Bar Again; Hurls Juvenile Insult at TIME Reporter

In an interview spanning a number of topics with Donald Trump published just this morning, TIME Magazine was on the receiving end of one of the most insulting comments ever made in a formal interview.

The main topic, however – as reflected on the cover of the issue – was the issue of truth: “Is Truth Dead?” Interview Michael Scherer, the TIME Washington Bureau Chief, wasn’t afraid to cover the more anger-inducing topics.

Scherer focused on the fact that the President continues to hurl out unproven statements and wild claims, even holding to them after they have been widely discredited by bureau after bureau; expert after expert. Whether he admits it or not, Trump has a major credibility problem.

Some of the lies he covers are Trump’s unsubstantiated claim of 3 million illegal votes by undocumented immigrants, his false memory of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating while the WTC towers fell, and of course, the more recent accusation that President Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped in the lead up to the election. And yet the President doesn’t see how these things hurt him, citing huge crowds in campaign-style rallies he has recently held in Kentucky and Tennessee, where his supporters seem either immune or indifferent to reality.

All the while, Trump’s tone – at least in writing – seems to grow ever more perturbed and touchy.

At the close of this interview, an unapologetic Trump decides he would rather be in the offensive rather than the defensive position. He explains how everything is such a mess, “I inherited a mess in so many ways.” And in true Trump fashion, he hurls a final f*** you insult to Scherer:

Hey look, in the mean time, I guess, I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m president, and you’re not. You know. Say hello to everybody OK?

A silver lining? It looks like we can find predictability in our president – at least in certain ways. He will always prove to us that he is a childish pig.


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